Hi there,

I am a recent Tennessean from Michigan and college graduate from Grand Valley State University. I have a degree in public relations and advertising and loved my time at school. Since then I have worked as a receptionist and a virtual assistant, but desire to work a job that fully utilizes my skills and pushes me to work hard at work worth doing. 

I am interested in positions that value communications, organization, and getting stuff done. I've discovered that I love the feeling of getting things going and seeing them to the finish. But most importantly, I want to work somewhere that values people- both as customers/clients and employees. 

Through my various work experiences, I've learned that I work best when I know that I am trusted and given responsibility. I don't like sitting on the sidelines. I want to be a part of what is going on and a key element to getting it finished. Whether it be a three month campaign, a year-long design project, or an unforeseen circumstance- I want to ensure my abilities are utilized and I learn something along the way.