So this is the more "fun" stuff. Really it is just the stuff that isn't work. 

I am what everyone's captions on instagram seem to call a "multipassionate," but really I just like a lot of stuff. I can talk to anyone pretty much anything. From podcasts to books to entrepreneurship, cool stories about my dad being a cop, to travel, ancient history. I am an introvert but I like to TALK IT UP.  Hence why you don't see very many pictures of myself on Instagram but I will write a novel for a caption. 


Last year I got married to my favorite person. Wedding day was beautiful and so much freaking fun with all of our favorite people. 


Drink of choice: Steigl Radler or mojito. Sans alcohol? Tea lattes or Arnold Palmer. Sorry coffee people, it makes me sick!

Favorite singers: Justin Timberlake or the whole cast of Hamilton.  Also. Chance the Rapper. 

Favorite shows: West Wing. I started watching it spring of 2015 & I don't think I've stopped. Game of Thrones. I yelled at the Battle of the Bastards like a crazy human. Oh and Parks & Rec, you beautiful tropical fish.

Guilty pleasures: Taking a long time to get ready, cookie dough, cinnamon candles & the dumb phone game "lolo"

Future plans:  work somewhere I really like, start a business or two, get a dog, travel. 

Passions: Jesus (he's the coolest), crafting, making lists & crossing things off, people, avocados, politics, sports, giving gifts, soft blankets, design, tea & helping others. 

Things you should know about me: I am a huge sports fan. (Go Chicago Bears, MSU Spartans, & Detroit Red Wings) Sunday afternoons are for football & pizza. And you can't tear my away from the TV during March Madness. I'm also a super nerd. I love Sherlock, Jeopardy, Harry Potter & reading classic novels. I joke that I'm Hermoine Granger in a Brian Urlacher jersey.