i've had this idea for over a year
and this little thought in my head consumes a lot of my brain space. 
it is what i feel like i'm on this earth to do 

(feel free to judge if that sounds dramatic, i do all the time) 

but that brain space being taken up now needs to lead to action. to work. to going towards something that continually puts good in the world 

because life can be dark and hard for a lot of people. and not for others. some have really hard days. and some have great days. everyone needs to know someone loves them- whether it is because life is hard or life is great. 

I'm very proud, nervous, excited, terrified, overjoyed, trembling to tell you about In This Box. 

ITB right now is teeny tiny itty bitty. I hope it won't always be that way. I want this concept to spread. to become something. because i want everyone to know and to feel love. 

ITB is kind of what it sounds like. It's a box. But in that box are things. Things that stay. Things that you can send to someone to show them that they are seen, loved, and that people show up.  

While flowers and chocolates are great- they leave. the flowers die and the chocolates get eaten (probably pretty quickly). ITB contains things that are permanent. So that when someone sees them- they are reminded that someone, somewhere loves them. It doesn't matter if they live in the same apartment or halfway around the country. 

Right now, we are doing this as a nomination process. Go to this page, enter the info, and tell us why you nominated this person. Tell us why they need love. And we will fill the box with things likes blankets, candles, notebooks, books, art prints, candles, etc. Cozy things that will be loved and used. And things that are bought from local or small businesses around the country. 

Nominate your mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend, work place proximity associate (kudos if you get the ref). Nominate yourself. It doesn't matter who it is. Nominate someone that needs that nudge towards love. 

And if no one nominates, we will go to the internet. we will search instagram and twitter and facebook for those that need to be reminded that tomorrow comes, today is here, and just maybe everything is going to be okay.